Our Partners

We believe in-memory multi-dimensional database technology is the smart way forward to model a business, analyse it and obtain the required insight based on (big) data. It offers both business intelligence and performance management functionality in one platform.

At Attain Analytics Group, we are privileged to work with global leading Business Intelligence and Performance Management software vendors who are totally dedicated to our clients’ success as well an informal network of partners who share our passion and approach allow us the breadth and domain knowledge to meet the needs of nearly any organization without having to compromise or take a “one size fits all” approach.

Attain Analytics Group and our partners can provide you:

  • Applications perfect for small, centralized organizations
  • Scalable, cost effective solutions for the growing, mid-size company
  • Large-scale, enterprise solutions capable of handling thousands of users worldwide
  • On-premise and cloud-based deployments
  • Local, regional and international support

logo-jedoxFounded in 2002, Jedox’s vision has been to keep Excel’s strengths and eliminate the drawbacks. With Jedox ExcelPLUS philosophy, you go from Excel to anywhere. Use your Excel expertise to implement complex planning and BI requirements quickly, easily, and securely.

Beyond data discovery, Jedox empowers you to analyse your business operation and data for meaningful insight, and to plan and forecast intelligently. Jedox unleashes your capabilities in one solution, unifying Business Intelligence and Performance Management into your competitive edge. About Jedox

TIBCO-Spotfire-LogoTIBCO Spotfire® Analytics software empowers you to freely explore your data, giving you the power to instantly visualize, mashup, interact with, and share data at any level of detail. Offering interactive dashboards, data visualizations, and predictive analytics, Spotfire provides you with an astonishingly fast, intuitive, dimension-free data exploration, data mash-up, and contextual collaboration allowing your business to make the most of emerging trends, take preemptive action and achieve competitive advantage.  About Tibco Spotfire