Attain Analytics Group

At Attain Analytics Group, we work with global leading Business Intelligence and Performance Management software vendors to help small, mid-size to large enterprises implement solutions to manage strategy formulation and execution, define and manage risk, plan, budget, forecast and use of Sales, Marketing, Procurement, Finance and Management Dashboard, Key Performance and Risk Indicators to gain insights of their business operations, customer profile so as to better act and respond to ever increasing complexity and changes in the business environment.

firstEnterprise Scorecard
& Risk Management

Solutions for formulating Enterprise Scorecard to manage strategy formulation and execution. Enterprise Risk Management solutions to define and manage risk, and to track and monitor scorecard, key performance and risk indicators.

secondPlanning, Budgeting
& Forecasting

Solutions for Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting to establish planning model, define business drivers, drive top down, bottom up planning and budgeting, facilitate more frequent forecasting and realign resource allocation to changing business environment.

& Self-service Analytics

Solutions for Business Intelligence and Analytics to enable real-time Reporting, Dashboard and Self-services analytics, gaining insights of business operations, customer profile and product segment so as to drive data driven decision making processes.

fourthFinancial Consolidation
& Management Reporting

Solutions for Financial Consolidation and Management Reporting enabling intercompany eliminations, consolidation from multi-ledger, multi-currency conversion, for faster close and reporting in MS Word, Powerpoint and Excel format.